Auto Profiles 3.2

Auto Profiles 3.2: Change profiles automatically based on schedule with Auto Profiles for Series 60 Auto Profiles for Series 60.3/60.5 change profiles on your Nokia smartphone according to your schedule and calendar meetings. Auto Profiles features: -Automatic profile and bluetooth timer -Change to selected profile during a meeting in the calendar -Scheduling of mobile native and of user defined profiles -Profile deactivation time can be chosen -Overlapping scheduling not a problem due to different priorities for schedule conditions

Profile Relocator 1.03: Safely and quickly relocate Windows user profile accounts.
Profile Relocator 1.03

Profile Relocator is a step-based application that allows the re-locating of the Windows Users profile directory. Once re-located, any created profiles will appear in the new location in their entirety. The advantage to doing this allows profiles to be stored in a location that doesn`t reside on the system drive, ensuring that profile data isn`t compromised as a result of re-installation or system failure. Profile Relocator has been designed to work

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UserProfilesView 1.01: View user profiles information on your system.
UserProfilesView 1.01

UserProfilesView displays the list of all user profiles that you currently have in your system. For each user profile, the following information is displayed: Domain\User Name, Profile Path, Last Load Time, Registry File Size, User SID, and more. You can save the profiles list into text/xml/html/csv file.

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ZAP User Profile Mirror 1.2: One click user profile mirroring software. Allows you to migrate domain profiles
ZAP User Profile Mirror 1.2

ZAP is a one click user profile mirroring software. ZAP allows you to migrate domain profiles, allows different Windows user accounts to share the same user profile on a machine. With ZAP Mirror you can quickly and simply join your workstation to a new domain and keep all your current settings when you logon with your new domain account. The best part is mirroring works between local and domain accounts or vice-a-versa.

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JimIP Switcher 3.1.0

profile by automatically detecting your network settings, click the IP Switcher button (search icon on the right). Click Save Profile (heart icon) to preserve the profile settings. You can give a custom name to the profile to easily remember the attributes of the network profile. For instance, you can select the profile labeled as Office Network so that when you go to office, you can restore the proxy settings. If a network (such as a home network

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GXDeviceEditor Create a profile of the protocol and parameters of any physical device.

profile of the protocol and parameters of any physical device. You can also easily create user interfaces for the profile. The device profile then enables other Gurux software to collect information from the physical device and control it. With GXDevice Editor you easily create and modify device profiles and their user interfaces for Gurux GXDirector. Device profile is a template that contains protocols, settings and messages understood by the device

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Gogle Profiles 1: Gogle Profiles
Gogle Profiles 1

Gogle Profiles are simple web pages where you can list general information about yourself. Anyone who can create an account on Google and verify their real name through a screening routine can now have a personal profile page on Google.The most powerful aspect of this system, however, is the ability to include links in your profile, which can pack a powerful search engine optimization punch for you.

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